Improve health in UAE: Where to buy real estate to ensure convenient medical treatment

Improve health in UAE: Where to buy real estate to ensure convenient medical treatment

Health tourism is currently one of the largest kinds of tourism. Before the 2020 pandemic, up to 20,000,000 people globally were participating in such tourism every year and the sector generated up to 80,000,000,000 US dollars. This is data for 2017-18.

The average cost of a tourist per visit usually ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000. Most tourists come from countries in Southeast Asia, followed by United States, and then countries in Europe.

By 2021, the total growth of the market for this tourism had been predicted to reach $ 125,000,000,000.


On the one hand, these figures had to be revised due to the imposed international restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the other hand, it is against the backdrop of such unexpected circumstances as never before that a large number of wealthy tourists are ready to overpay for a health tour around the world.

United Arab Emirates and especially the Emirate of Dubai, occupy a fairly prominent place in this global market.

Dubai’s health market is quite mature and offers many options for clients, from private clinics to hospitals. Currently, the Emirate has more than 3,700 clinics, 30 hospitals, and 40 public health centers.

Clients can benefit from therapeutic services, dentists, eye clinics, reproductive medicine, maternal care, plastic surgery, dermatology, and many more.

The Dubai government has established a 50-year plan for the development of healthcare in the Emirate, including the sphere of oncology treatment. It is planned to develop simplified visas to obtain medical services, mobile platforms, and specific doctors and specialists.

Nevertheless, for those who opened this article, the main question is where it is possible to get all the above amenities and services within the city in full and as quickly as possible.

This place exists within the Emirate.

Today we will talk about Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) - the main destination for health and recreational tourism in UAE.

What is Dubai Healthcare City?

DHCC is a special area in the south of the city. It was formed in 2002 to centralize all private medical services and organizations.

Many organizations and specialists with regional and world-renown have been attracted to the district, thus, a network of many medical institutions was created to provide everything from hospitalization services to consultations as well as retail.

Healthcare City is managed by DHCA (Dubai Healthcare City Authority).

DHCA has 4 divisions: medicine, education and research, regulation, and investment.

Let us note the latter since it is the least obvious. As a special economic zone, the area provides several options for investors. Investors have the option to invest in business and real estate in 5 different spheres:

  • Clinical
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Business centers
  • Freehold land and real estate

The technological aspects of medical services are also being developed under this structure.

For example, all residents of the area can use the online application (note: for mobile devices) - MASAAR. The program is an interactive online platform that consolidates all possible services that a DHCC resident or visitor may wish to receive.

In simple words, it is a one-window access to medical services.

Medicine, however, is not the only area that creates decent health and recreational atmosphere. The area is also a fairly large business hub with many affordable luxury apartments and hotels.

There are malls, boutiques, supermarkets, grill cafes, buffets, parks, water parks, and the opportunity to see dolphins, seals, and parrots.

As is common in Dubai, there are children’s playgrounds as well as walking, cycling, and jogging tracks, and sports facilities like gyms and fitness centers, etc.

DHCC is located a 7-minute drive from Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport (DXB), and 2 minutes from Dubai Creek.

What does DHCC offer its residents?

Regarding the medical field, DHCC offers 5 hospitals, 168 clinics, 38 recreation and rehabilitation institutions, and 4425 professionals from all medical areas.

All these are distributed not only between hospitals and clinics but also between the regional and international departments of the world's leading medical organizations.

Well-developed infrastructure provides access to a variety of branded pharmacies, retailers selling sustainable and healthy food, as well as shops for purchasing personal care and treatment products, including high-quality cosmetics.

Hospitals and clinics use the most modern equipment and instruments for diagnostics, treatment, and invasive and non-invasive interventions.

All doctors and medical specialists are licensed and selected under state inspection. All medical providers are obliged to provide clients with supporting documents if requested.

The standards set by DHCA were accredited by ISQua in 2009. Leading European training programs are used and foreign specialists are invited to the educational institutions that train professional personnel.

But let's not forget about the business sphere.

Combining medical and business centers, the district attracts a huge number of large business representatives, foreign specialists, tourists, expats, and investors.

DHCC is divided into specialized sectors to provide the following: simplified services for registering a local legal entity, 100% ownership of real estate (freehold), land, and business, abiding by investor regulations, ample rental opportunities, and the organization of joint ventures with UAE citizens.

Which residential property should you buy?

The main question is where to live to take advantage of all of the above.

The main developer of Healthcare City is Azizi Developments (AD).

AD is also one of the main developers of the real estate market of the Emirates. Its specialization is commercial and luxury residential real estate, which is currently doing well in the DHCC real estate offerings.

The best residences, consisting of apartments of various price ranges and quality, are Azizi Aliyah and Farhad Azizi Residence. Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences (HRCH) from the Hyatt Hotels Corporation is also worth attention.

The latter is a large international construction company headquartered in Chicago. It engages in the construction of affordable, luxury, and business hotels, apartments, resorts, and other residential properties for recreation.

Azizi Aliyah

This is a spacious 17-story apartment building that consists of 346 residential units. It has 1 and 2 bedroom studios and apartments. There is also a retail space of 1,486 square meters nearby.

Residents have easy access to Festival City, Dubai Mall, and popular golf courses.

Special amenities include swimming pools, fitness centers and gyms, parking and garage spaces for personal vehicles, spas, and landscaped gardens.

The purchase price for apartments ranges from $122,500 to $626,000.

Farhad Azizi Residence

Luxury apartments like Azizi Aliyah provide easy access to a large shopping area for their residents.

This offers studios and apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms. There are 634 residential units in total.

Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Creek Harbor are not far from this complex.

It offers the same special amenities as the Aliyah complex, but also includes basketball courts, play areas for children, a sauna, jogging tracks, and even special children's pools.

The purchase price ranges from $111,000 to $400,000.

Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences

These are modern luxury hotel apartments offering a choice of studios and apartments with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms.

The building consists of 34 floors and offers free parking, swimming pools, fitness centers and gyms, bars and lounges, party spaces, nightclubs, children’s play areas, and much more.

The Dubai International Airport, a special economic zone, the largest business hub in the city - DIFC, and the world-famous shopping center - Dubai Mall are all nearby.

Residential property purchase prices ranges from $435,500 to $817,000 dollars.


Health tourism and recreational facilities are certainly not limited to DHCC but this is a good place to begin your search for the best offer of a place to live if you are looking to improve your health.

We recommend taking note of Dubai Healthcare City and Dubai in general. Its seaside location and white beaches are not just an exceptionally beautiful marketing picture; in the Emirate you can find options for affordable and elite recreation, accommodation, and opportunities to lead your healthiest possible lifestyle.

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