What is the best area of Dubai to purchase an apartment in?

What is the best area of Dubai to purchase an apartment in?

Dubai’s housing market is surprisingly multi-faceted. Every year, hundreds of stylish new “luxury” properties are on display in the real estate market. This ensures that favorable conditions for a high standard of living, including family leisure time are constantly recreated and maintained. Although, it has not gone unnoticed that throughout this time several long-established areas have consistently been in high demand. These areas have come to be known as popular go-to choices when looking to purchase high-quality accommodation in Dubai. Below you’ll find out a little bit more information on them.


The best areas for purchasing an apartment in Dubai

Downtown Dubai

When it comes to one of the best areas for purchasing an apartment in the heart of Dubai, Downtown Dubai tops the list. It’s one of the most popular places for both locals and foreigners alike. As a matter of fact, many foreigners specifically enquire about the local apartments here. Downtown Dubai is truly unique, as it has some memorable experiences to offer. For instance, here you can find the most attractive properties from all over the UAE, as well as, see some of Dubai’s major cultural objects on display.

The apartments here in Downtown Dubai are equipped with all the facilities any modern-day person could need. Plus, public transport and cultural attractions are readily accessible.

Furthermore, prices range from 1.7 million AED for a one-bedroom apartment to 15 million AED for a luxurious four-bedroom townhouse.

What is the best area of Dubai to purchase an apartment in?

Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills is a unique mix of first-class commercial and residential properties. What’s more, it is even located in an actual green oasis.

The area is made up of residential communities of villas and residential complexes, namely, Dubai Hills Park and Dubai Hills Mall, including an extensive 18-hole golf course. All this has been constructed with a harmonious synergy in mind. Particularly, because the aim of the task is to carefully protect both the physical and spiritual peace of mind of the residents. So Dubai Hills epitomizes an island of serenity within the metropolis.

Accommodation prices here range from 4.3 million AED for a 4-bedroom villa to 16 million AED for a 6-bed apartment with its own golf course.

Where to purchase an apartment in Dubai near the sea

Dubai Marina

When it comes to purchasing an apartment in Dubai, Dubai Marina is the most popular area for both tourists and locals alike. Some of the main reasons for this are because it has excellent infrastructure, stunning coastlines, clean oceans, and unrestricted access to all the major areas.

Accommodation in Dubai Marina is highly valued among vacationers and those who come here in search of the best conditions for a break or a permanent residence. What’s more, the wide variety of housing that is on display here is amazing. From modest one-bedroom apartments to breathtaking penthouses and luxurious villas near the sea. All with modern designs and facilities of course.

Living in Dubai Marina is associated with wealth and an increased level of comfort. Moreover, the space of the district is perfectly adapted to suit the needs of any person. This can be seen in the design of the parks and alleys that are equipped with comfortable areas for family recreational activities. Also, the many shops, cafés, and boutiques, as well as, the proximity of the ocean all serve to further enhance this.

The real estate price in Dubai Marina ranges from 1.2 million AED to 6.5 million AED, depending on the number of rooms, location, equipment, and several other factors.

Following this then, apartments in Dubai Marina are the third most profitable in Dubai. Furthermore, landlords receive a fixed rental income of 6% per annum.

What is the best area of Dubai to purchase an apartment in?

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah Island is a stunning artificial creation displaying what the human mind is capable of in terms of design and architecture. Not surprisingly, the demand for local accommodation here is very high. So Palm Jumeirah’s elite status and exceptional location make it one of the most sought-after places in Dubai, including all of the United Arab Emirates.

Where properties are concerned, the island boasts a diverse range that includes luxurious houses and villas, along with access to individual coastlines. Plus, each property is guarded around the clock. Moreover, while the properties of residential communities are closed, this does not prevent everyone interested from inspecting it.

The houses in Palm Jumeirah have their own unique layout and structure. This can be seen in the modern motifs and the Mediterranean-styled-inspired fusion design. This type of housing is suitable for both large families and couples who appreciate a secluded lifestyle. Furthermore, there are villas available with 4-6 bedrooms, as well as, smaller houses with 2-3 bedrooms.

Prices range from 1.8 million AED for a one-bedroom apartment to 58.7 million AED for a seven-bedroom ultra-luxury villa.

What is important to know when purchasing an apartment in Dubai

When purchasing a property in Dubai, the UAE has an affordable and investment-friendly investment policy. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • The Emirates is a country far from political unrest. As such, it has its own unique microclimate in which it is comfortable for a person to live and develop their own business.
  • There are freehold zones where one has absolute rights to use the property after purchasing it.
  • The security of transactions and compliance with legal subtleties is controlled at the state level, so both the buyer and the seller feel protected.
  • Only proven developers who have confirmed their credibility and obtained a license to conduct work for their business are allowed in the real estate market.
  • Real estate is a key sector of the Dubai economy. So one can always expect to find the latest accommodation with the best living conditions for living, which is highly valued internationally and is in high demand.

What is the best area of Dubai to purchase an apartment in?

Find accommodation in the best areas of Dubai

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