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Property for sale in Damac Lagoons

Damac Lagoons showcases an exquisite Mediterranean style, exuding elegance and charm. This esteemed community is being meticulously developed by Damac Properties, a renowned developer with a stellar reputation in Dubai.

Townhouses and villas with 3 to 7 bedrooms make up the majority of the real estate in this area. Residences have between 2 and 3 floors. A living room, kitchen, pantry, maid's room, balcony, and/or terrace are all included in the layout of each unit. Garages are built in close proximity to the residences. Some residential buildings offer rooftop terraces and private swimming pools. The residences in this area are of the premium range, appealing to wealthy individuals seeking elegance and luxury. Both local residents and foreigners are able to offer properties for sale in Damac Lagoons, Dubai, UAE. Real estate can be purchased for personal use and for generating revenue from rent or selling after a price increase. Since the area is a freehold zone, foreigners are free to dispose of real estate however they want, including selling, renting, donating, bequeathing it, etc.


The area is ideal for retirees, families with young children, and those who enjoy being outdoors and in nature. The neighborhood has an established social and tourist infrastructure. There are numerous water attractions, direct access to the beach, nearby kindergartens, schools, further education institutions, and medical clinics, which you can reach in 10–20 minutes’ drive.

The location's standout feature is its azure blue lagoons, which can be reached on foot from many of the neighborhood housing complexes. Numerous places for amusement and entertainment create the impression of a resort life. Kayaking, zip-lining, and other activities are available here to enthusiasts, who like an active lifestyle.

A wave pool, workout facilities, Venetian-style gondolas, a water park, a water movie cinema, a shopping center, and a floating amphitheater are examples of the distinctive resort-type infrastructure.

The Trump International Golf Club, with its renowned 18-hole course, is within a 10-minute drive from the block in the Damac Hills neighborhood. A gym, dining establishment, golf shop, and infinity pool are all available at the club.

The distance to the Motor City Circuit is 15 minutes by car. The Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, which holds horse racing and polo competitions of various levels, including international, is located at Arabian Ranches and is only a 15-minute drive away.

Property prices in Damac Lagoons

Property cost in Damac Lagoons is relatively high. Housing estate offers residential villas for sale starting at AED 2 million ($544,500). As a result, anyone purchasing units in the region has the chance to apply for a "Golden Visa," which lasts for 10 years. The investor is granted a resident visa in the UAE together with his family, kids, and domestic employees.

If there is no requirement or purpose to request a visa for an extended duration, one may acquire authorization to remain in the United Arab Emirates for 2 years. This visa is granted upon the acquisition of a residential property valued at more than AED 750,000 (approximately $204,200).

Real estate investment in Damac Lagoons

Property in Dubai is quite profitable. In this region, rental units have an average yield of 8%. With the aid of experts, you may rent out a home. The experts will search for tenants, negotiate with them, draft an agreement, get everything ready for occupancy, and take care of cleaning the home once the renters have moved out.

Depending on what stage of construction you acquired the housing at, you can earn up to 20% of the cost of the apartment if you buy an off-plan residential property at a discount directly from the developer and resale it when the residential complex is operational.

Buy property in Damac Lagoons on Emirates.Estate

In 2023, foreigners will have a legal chance to own property for investment and permanent residency in Damac Lagoons. With the assistance of knowledgeable attorneys and real estate agents on Emirates.Estate, villas and apartments in Dubai can be purchased. You can view prices in dollars and euros on our aggregator website. Video links can be used to select and inspect housing. Under current Dubai law, the transaction may also be completed remotely.

You need to collect the following paperwork in order to acquire real estate in Damac Lagoons:

  • original foreign passport;
  • preliminary agreement on the purchase and sale transaction;
  • memorandum of understanding;
  • proof of address of residence in Dubai;
  • a permit proving the buyer is in the United Arab Emirates;
  • NOC certificate;
  • if the buyer is not physically present during the transaction, a power of attorney must be issued to his representative.

A foreigner does not need to be physically present throughout the transaction to purchase a home in Damac Lagoons, as was previously mentioned. When buying flats or villas in Dubai, you can put your trust in the expertise of a company dealing with real estate. Various specialists will assist at every stage of the transaction, offering video communication for key points, registering the property with the Dubai Land Department, and providing after-sales services such as tenant search, minor repairs, and utility payments.