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Property for sale in Palm Jebel Ali

Property in Palm Jebel Ali will be an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a promising developing area on the Persian Gulf coast. This artificial island is similar to the man-made archipelago Palm Jumeirah but is located further west, closer to Al Maktoum International Airport and the areas of National Industries Park and Dubai Industrial City. Development in this part of the emirate is currently in full swing, making property in Dubai in this locality a good investment option.

The development of the island will be carried out in stages over several years. The project is being managed by Nakheel. The archipelago was initially started in the 2000s, but work was halted due to the 2008 crisis. In 2023, because of the rapid rise of the real estate market and the country’s economy in general, construction was restarted.

The archipelago consists of 7 islands connected by bridges. The tree-shaped palm design includes 16 fronds. This project is almost double the size of the Palm Jumeirah. The locality boasts the longest coastline in all of Dubai, with a total length of 110 kilometres.

On the island, there will be over 80 hotels from internationally acclaimed brands, around 1,700 seafront villas in Dubai, and approximately 6,000 apartments. The cost of property in Palm Jebel Ali at the start of sales has not reached its highest point, as the project was recently relaunched, but prices are expected to increase each year. All buildings are planned to feature a unique futuristic style. Residential and commercial properties will have unique designs. Villas will come in 16 styles. In addition to mansions, hotels, and apartments, a community centre is planned to be built on the island. Water transport will be launched to provide quick access to the mainland part of Dubai. Several yacht clubs are also planned to be opened. Access to the island will be provided via the Gateway Bridge.

An extraordinary project called MOON is slated for construction on the island—a remarkable architectural endeavour designed in the shape of the moon, boasting dimensions of 229 metres in width and 305 metres in height. It is set to become a landmark attraction, beckoning visitors from all over the world and contributing to the development of Dubai as a tourist destination.

The infrastructure in the area is not yet developed. Currently, there are no schools, nurseries, supermarkets, and other social facilities here. The nearest supermarkets AHLAM AL MADINA, Supersave, and Parco are located in Jebel Ali Free Zone. NAOWA and Ies UK schools are located in the same area. The nearest nursery, Tappy Toes, operates in Dubai Logistics City.

Property prices in Palm Jebel Ali are as follows:

  • 5-bedroom units: from AED 15 million (USD 7.76 million);
  • 6-bedroom units: from AED 17.9 million (USD 4.87 million);
  • 7-bedroom units: from AED 17.3 million (USD 4.71 million);
  • 9-bedroom units: from AED 46.5 million (USD 12.6 million).

You can purchase property in the nearest Veneto area starting from AED 2.78 million (USD 757,000) for a 3-bedroom villa.

Lifestyle in Palm Jebel Ali

The distinctive feature of the area lies in its commitment to being completely environmentally friendly and safe. Plans are underway to install solar panels and energy-saving equipment throughout the territory. This initiative not only aims to preserve nature but also to reduce utility bills by 30%. Smart home systems are slated to be integrated into villas and apartments in Dubai on the island, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Public spaces will include abundant greenery, promenades, jogging tracks, and cycling lanes.

Investment real estate in Palm Jebel Ali

The island project, spearheaded by the renowned Emirati developer Nakheel Properties, has been revamped under the development scheme approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The man-made island is an integral component of Dubai’s economic programme, D33. Buying property in Palm Jebel Ali for foreigners offers excellent investment prospects.

Properties in Palm Jebel Ali, UAE, include a wide variety of beachfront residences, ranging from apartments to upmarket villas and townhouses. Nakheel has introduced 2 exclusive villa projects, The Beach Collection and The Coral Collection, each comprising 8 unique architectural designs. The high demand for real estate for sale in Palm Jebel Ali underscores the rapid growth in investor interest. Housing prices on the island will vary depending on the type of real estate, area, and buyer demand.

Collections of 5- and 6-bedroom villas:

VillaNumber of BedroomsArea, m2
Blue Horizon 6 680
Provence 5 773
Indigo Ocean 5 732
Sapphire 6 718
Acquamarina 6 732
Tropical Mist 6 724
Azure Blue 5 783
Mediterranean 5 759

7-bedroom villas:

VillaArea, m2
Coral Living 1043
Hibiscus 1115
Red Aurora 1081
Porcelain Roses 1071
Cranberry Sky 1064
Terracotta 1128
Redwood 1130
Ruby Sunset 1129

Property in Palm Jebel Ali for investment and living will be an excellent choice for those purchasing real estate with a development perspective for the next 3–5 years. In the near future, the value of residences in this and other coastal western areas of the emirate will significantly increase.

It is profitable to buy property in Palm Jebel Ali

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